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About Us

Connect2One (C2O), in partnership with RedShelf, brings you the annual Connect2One Program Catalog. When you access your C2O Catalog online, you’ll experience the ease and benefits of the RedShelf platform currently in use at many campus stores and by students nationwide.

This catalog is available to managers, directors and buyers at subscriber Connect2One store locations. Your single-user authorized access opens the entire all-in-one digital catalog. Simply open the Table of Contents to navigate to Commitment Programs, General Merchandise, Supplies or Other categories, expand the category to find individual vendor programs or do a keyword search to find a specific vendor, part number or product description. All C2O CAMEX Show Specials appear at the end of the all-in-one catalog, sorted alphabetically by vendor.

Just as with e-textbooks, the RedShelf cloud reader provides portability and ease of use anywhere, anytime and on any internet-enabled device. With 24/7 access on most internet-enabled devices, you can also use the content in OFFLINE mode (up to 100 pages), PRINT mode (select specific pages or print the entire catalog to your own printer) or opt to purchase a PRINT-ON-DEMAND copy.

Please note that the Connect2One Program Catalog may be updated throughout the year. Bookmarks, highlights and notes that you create in earlier versions will not be available on the updated version.

To find out more about RedShelf eReader features, click HERE to watch a short video tutorial.